Priscilla Policar has been associated with many trades and has got great experience. She was a copy writer, researcher, fulfilment coordinator, customer service manager, team lead for web development projects, to name a few.
Priscilla Policar is an experienced digital executive expert in business communications, product development and operational management. She also excels in logistics planning.
Priscilla Policar is a seasoned digital executive who possess years of experience in the field of digital marketing. She has also played the roles of a leader and strategist.
Priscilla Policar is a business communication expert. She has helped numerous businesses grow and excel with her unbeatable business management skills.
Priscilla Policar has got amazing management and leadership qualities. Apart from handling business communications effectively, she is able to handle different departments such as accounting, risk management, web development, human resources, customer service, etc effectively and encourage every department to work in synchronization with each other to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.
Priscilla Policar is the director of operations for Ascendia Media, LLC. At Ascendia Media, LLC, she is handling the job and responsibilities related to product development and research, project management, fulfilment management and inventory control, and in-house personnel management.
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