Ravioli with Herbs

An exclusive vegetarian first course: try this ravioli recipe with herbs, ricotta and butter. Source: Test

Hokkaido Sea Urchin in a Lobster Jell-O with Cauliflower, Caviar & Crispy Seaweed waffles

An exquisite recipe by chef Richard Ekkebus of Amber restaurant in Hong Kong, with sea urchin, cauliflower, caviar and lobster jelly. Source: Test

Black Forest Cake

Learn how to prepare Black Forest cake with this special recipe from Germany. You'll love this decadent cake with layers of flavor! Source: Test

Rhubarb-Pistachio Mugcakes

These Rhubarb-Pistachio Mugcakes are perfect for a fast and delicious dessert. 3 minutes in the microwave and they're ready and... so yummy! Source: Test

Mexican Horchata

You'll love this chilled Mexican beverage made from rice, cinnamon, sugar and water. It's easy to make and refreshingly delicious! Source: Test

Cod tartare with black sesame and shoots

An easy to make recipe with cod and sesame seeds, perfect for a light lunch. Enjoy it with toasted bread! Source: Test

Homemade Guacamole

You'll love this easy recipe for homemade guacamole - perfect for get togethers, game day and your Cinco de Mayo bash. Source: Test

Chicken with Apple Sauce

An easy recipe to prepare chicken with applesauce and Brussels sprouts: following our instructions the meat will be soft and tasty. Source: Test

Vegan Rhubarb crumble

Try this rhubarb crumble recipe, a great classic of British cuisine: this version is vegan, so no milk and eggs in the recipe. Source: Test

Smoothie bowl with Mango, frozen Berries, grated Coconut and Mint

Healthy, nutrient and sweet: for breakfast or for a snack, try this delicious smoothie bowl! Source: Test

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