Blueberry Ice Cream Shortbread Sandwiches

These blueberry ice cream sandwiches are very easy to make: you only need shortbread cookies and ice cream. Discover how to prepare them! Source: Test

Quick Peach Cobbler

Craving peach cobbler? With this quick and easy recipe you can have this dessert on the table in just 20 minutes. Learn the shortcuts...

Vegan Pea Risotto

Looking for new recipe ideas to serve your vegan friends? Try this vegan pea risotto an easy and light recipe for a green delicious...

Dirty Rice with Pecans and Cranberries

A fun twist on traditional Cajun dirty rice featuring cranberries and pecans. You'll love this hearty and flavorful dish perfect for a Southern-themed meal. Source:...

Cold Rocket Soup with Orange Zest

Cold rocket soup with yogurt and orange zest: try this easy raw soup recipe for refreshing your summer! Source: Test

Tres Leches with Whipped Cream and Raspberry

Looking for new dessert ideas? Try this easy recipe for a delicious Tres Leches cake with whipped cream and raspberry on top. Yummy! Source: Test

Chicken Empanadas

Looking for a traditional Latin America's recipe? Find out how to make chicken empanadas, perfect to be served for brunch. Source: Test

Mixed Salad with Edible Flowers 

If you're looking for an original flower-based side to accompany your meals, try this simply mixed salad leaves with edible flowers. Source: Test

Key Lime Pie Recipe

You'll love this delicious recipe for Key lime pie, a tropical dessert that is sweet, creamy and pleasantly tart. It's a traditional recipe from...

Cod with Chorizo, Tomatoes and Onions

The cod with chorizo, tomatoes and onions is a tasty and easy recipe to enjoy this fish in a heathy and versatile way. Source: Test

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